About me

About Me

Photographer, architecture student and outdoor enthusiast.
I love taking Photos as a way to experience, to appreciate and associate to my surrounding, nature and everything creation holds within. In the same way I do enjoy sharing the way I see the the world around me and the experience that comes along.
I am still exploring what photography is all about and I do hope this will never cease as I am an explorer, am constantly willing to learn something new. I am a firm believer that you should always be open to be overwhelmed by new discoveries – to just let go of the control now and then and be surprised by what there is out there, when you go out with eyes wide open. I might just shoot for the sake of creating something. Raising my yet so silent voice in this increasingly fast and loud world to slow down and listen.
My photographic style is surely influenced by the way I am – neither perfect by any means nor always euphoric or flawless but much from in between adventurous and silent or thoughtful. My hope is that one of the photos touches you or gives you what you need right now: be it hope, the feeling of being understood, bring back a forgotten memory, resemble any of your feelings or it just makes you want to go out and experience something new today.